1. Drawing up plans yourself that do not comply with planning regulations
2. Using a draftsman or architect that draws up plans that do not comply with planning regulations
3. Wasting money by using an architect when a (much less expensive) draftsperson can provide a great service
4. Using a draftsman or architect to prepare and submit your application (they are likely to be unqualified to provide this service)
5. Assuming that all approvals need to go through council (yes, there are better options for approval)!
6. Wasting money by lodging your application yourself and having it refused due to lack of knowledge of planning and building controls
7. Wasting money by obtaining reports and plans that may not be required for your development
8. Assuming that all information that council provide over the phone is correct (it’s true that even council can provide incorrect advice – if you haven’t got it in writing you can’t rely on it)
9. Not understanding water board controls and how to avoid hefty fees for water board approval
10. Not calling us for free advice on how to save you time and money!