Private Certifier Approval

If you are after a quick and easy approval, your project may be able to be approved through a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). This is where a Private Certifier issues your approval, instead of an application to council.

Council Approval

Where a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) approval is not possible for a project, a Development Application (DA) to council is required instead.

Council applications have become more complex over the years, and the ‘red tape’ can be quite daunting for most owners.


Every project that requires approval will need a suitable set of architectural plans.

You may assume that this means using an expensive architect, however for most plans a draftsman can just as easily provide a set of plans, for a fraction of the price.

Illegal Building?

Have you received an unexpected visit from council advising you that you have unapproved works? Or perhaps you have listed your property for sale (or purchased a new property) and the solicitor has discovered that you have building work that is not authorised.

What type of Building Approval do you need?

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