How long does it take for the paperwork to be ready for my approval?

Drafting: 1 to 4 weeks for first set of plans depending on the complexity of the project (assuming that a survey or a site plan is available)
Confirmation of CDC compliance: 2 – 10 days depending on how quickly we can obtain the necessary documentation from council for assessment of the property, and once plans are completed
Water board approval: usually 1 – 5 days unless it is sewer affected
Miscellaneous reports such as flood and bushfire: usually 5 – 21 days depending on the type of report
Survey: between 10 – 28 days depending on location and availability of surveyors
Development Application: preparation and submission to council – usually within 10 days of receipt of all required documentation
Construction Certificate: usually within 2 – 7 days of receiving all the required documentation on the DA consent letter
Building Certificate: This is harder to estimate as it various from project to project and from council to council. Once we have all the paperwork for the submission ready we aim to have it in to council within 10 days

How long will it take to get my CDC issued?

If you are looking at a Complying Development approval (CDC) the industry standard for this is 10 days from the time that the certifier obtains all the documentation. We aim to improve on this and generally have our approvals issued within 2 – 7 days from time of receipt of all documentation.

How long will it take for my Development Application to be approved?

Most councils set a benchmark of 6 weeks in council, however this outcome is not achieved by some councils. Once we submit documents to council we follow up regularly to keep the application moving. Once the DA is approved it is likely to need a Construction Certificate which can take 1 – 3 weeks depending on the council conditions on the DA.

Can you do a site visit?

Absolutely! If you are just after advice for now, we can arrange a consultant to come out to chat to you and look at your project. Our consultants have a great wealth of experience in planning controls, building controls, water board restrictions and much more.