02 Sep


"Thanks heaps for your help yesterday, you've answered all my questions, provided concise advice, and a link to the relevant documentation I needed, saving me weeks and potentially thousands of dollars in contractor hire and approval process/costs which I wasn't sure that I needed. All in a 10 minute call. Absolutely priceless! Your website/About Us said this: "If you are looking for that kind of customer service that seems to no longer exist in business, contact us and be pleasantly surprised." I was also looking at two other firms based here on the Central Coast, but it was that wording on your page there that swayed me to call you first, and I'm so glad that I did. I really can't thank you enough for clarifying several questions that I had, and giving me the factual knowledge/hard data in the link you provided, to give me confidence in knowing that I can proceed with my deck build."